Windows 10 AIO 32 Bits PT-BR torrent indir

Windows 10 AIO 32 Bits PT-BR

Ekipman kurulumu için ISO ISO RATON com integrao (AIO) aos Sistemi:

Windows 10 Pro 32-bit Portekizce Brezilya

Windows 10 Home 32-bit Portekizce Brezilya

Microsoft apenas foi accrecentado veya ATIVADOR için orijinal Limpo sistemi

Windows 10 Pro veya Home’u etkinleştirmek için dentro’dan ISO’ya.

İyi bir DVD oynatıcı olabilirsin

4 performans için bir kaleminiz var


AIO = Hepsi bir arada veya TUDO EM UM

Ou seja todas kao stihove em uma s



Kullanıcıların temel amacı, doğrudan ev kullanıcıları için uygun olan Windows 10 Home’a ​​geçiş yapmaktır. Cortana, navigatör kenarı veya yeni menü başlatma ve evrensel uygulamalar da dahil olmak üzere, yeni sürümler olarak ele traz todas. Sistemimizin ve evimizin ihtiyaçlarına en basit ve en eksiksiz çözüme sahiptir.


J Windows 10 Pro, bir şirket olarak Mirando, sürekli güvenlik ve destek ile düzeltildi. Özel yinelemeler, babaların, desteğin ve diğer trenlerin kriptografisini içerir.

Brezilya’nın dostları, uyumluluk bedelini ödeyebileceğiz, arşivi gözden geçirmemiz ve dünyadaki herkese Brezilya’da işbirliği kalitesine sahip olduğumuz konusunda yardım etmemiz gerekecek !!!

================== İNDİRME RATONU ====================

  • Windows 10 AIO 32 Bits PT-BR indir torrent
  • Windows 10 AIO 32 Bits PT-BR Indir Torrent
  • Windows 10 AIO 32 Bits PT-BR torrent indir

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Windows 10 20H2 AIO v19042.608 x64/x86 pt-BR 2020 télécharger

Windows 10 20H2 AIO v19042.608 x64/x86 pt-BR 2020



fenêtres de construction : 2009 20H2

===== IDÉES =====

Accueil Win10

Win10 Pro

Langue d’accueil Win10 uniquement

Éducation Win10

Éducation Win10 Pro

Station de travail Win10 Pro

entreprise Win10

========== x64 ===========

Tamanho : GB

Architecture : x64

Idiome : Portugais-BR

BIOS : UEFI/Héritage

forme: ISO/ESD

======= x86 =============

Tamanho : GB

Architecture : 86

Idiome : Portugais-BR

BIOS : UEFI/Héritage

forme: ISO/ESD

Crédits : Gleison Lima

  • Windows 10 20H2 AIO v19042.608 x64/x86 pt-BR 2020 torrent télécharger
  • Windows 10 20H2 AIO v19042.608 x64/x86 pt-BR 2020 télécharger
  • Windows 10 20H2 AIO v19042.608 x64/x86 pt-BR 2020 torrent télécharger

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Recuva Torrent Download


Convenient recovery of lost or deleted files Recuva is an easy way to recover deleted files on your Windows computer. The freemium app can retrieve a variety of formats and file types including documents, emails, images, videos, music, etc. Whether you lost or deleted a file weeks ago, Recuva can recover information from memory cards, external hard drives, and internal system memory. Over the years, the platform has become the best choice to recover data and recover lost images, documents, PDFs, and other files. Recuva is a useful Windows application that helps you recover deleted or lost files from any internal or external memory. . Since it is a free app, you can use the basic version without any restrictions. However, you should upgrade the tool for additional energy recovery, virtual hard disk support, and priority customer support. Additionally, Recuva can be used as an ideal portable program to help others with data recovery issues ((review-app-page-desktop-function);}); How to start? As with most utility programs, this program does not cause any problems or complications during the installation process, however, you can click the Configure button, which allows you to choose between opening Recuva on startup or saving it in Manager. After installing Recuva on your computer hard drive, you can start recovering lost files through the interface, the program looks quite simple and has a simple user interface. Since this tool is truly a handy practice, you don’t need to focus too much on app aesthetics, given the powerful data recovery features it offers. already a data recovery program or not, it is easier to navigate earlier in Recuva igeer; Once you start using the program, it won’t have too many hidden features to think about or worry about as everything is listed and easily accessible. directly on the home screen. The repair options are offered in the form of a wizard that will guide you through the recovery process to use Recuva? With a simple and clear interface, Recuva is an easy to use program. After deciding to scan the system, the program will ask you to provide a specific hard drive. If you are not sure, you can just scan the whole system so that the program can find recently deleted files. Once the scan is complete, the tool will contain a complete list of items that can be recovered, so you can check an application and provide detailed information about the files, such as name, exact hard drive location, date of last modification, file size and probability of data recovery. If possible, Recuva will provide details of changes to deleted files. For example,some files are accidentally overwritten, and the program will inform you that the desired file is in the list by clicking the restore button, and the program will do everything possible to save the data. Once the process is complete, you need to select a destination folder to save the file. According to the development team, are you more likely to recover a file if you save it to a different drive than the one Recuva supports? Compared to other similar software like Free Data Recovery, Wise Data Recovery, and My File Recovery, Recuva has a simpler recovery process. Most importantly, the tool provides good customer service and answers your doubts or questions through a detailed FAQ section. There is also an extensive forum focused on information, tips and advice on improving the quality of textbooks and manuals. Recuva explains the process of repairing corrupted files, such as Word documents. In addition, the application has a special Settings section, with which you can make small changes to improve the overall experience with the well; there is nothing beautiful or glamorous about using Recuva. It is just a lightweight, reliable and reliable program to recover lost files. Once you have recovered the data, it is not hidden behind a paid screen, and you can recover the files on your system without paying for the wizard, which goes through all the steps, which will make it easier for beginners. The program does not have a steep learning curve and you can recover the data from the start. Recuva is definitely a great choice for backing up your data, recovering deleted files, and making sure you don’t lose important files on the new version of Windows 10 in the latest version. The latest version of Recuva download has improved features. The development team also fixed several bugs, which significantly improved usability. If you try to backup data leading to corrupted files or accidentally delete important documents, Recuva guarantees that the advanced partition and drive program also provides better support for Ext3 and Ext4 file systems and better scanning of files. Fat32 partition files. For Windows 10 computers, this tool has optimized Secure Overwrite and several GUI improvements. Although there is no special app for Android or Mac yet, you can connect these devices to your Windows laptop. To do this, you need to review some tips or tricks on the perfect way to recover deleted or lost files in Windows. With Recuva, you can quickly recover documents, pictures, videos, music, emails, or other types of files. The program can recover data from rewritable media devices including external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, virtual hard drives, etc. Unlike other tool recovery tools, this program can even recover data from a Recuvanewly formatted or damaged which provides more flexibility, it increases the chances of recovery. In addition to hard-to-reach file formats, the utility also has an advanced deep scan feature that scans system drives to find traces of lost or deleted files. Overall a great choice, and well worth a try. You will not be disappointed with its use.

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Microsoft Word 2010 lil mama download

Microsoft Word 2010

Important Note: Microsoft Word 2010 no longer has a Download button because this program directs you to the latest version of Word. You will also find the Premium version and you can create your best work with Office Word. It works with all popular document formats, including support for saving files as PDFs or emailing documents via Outlook immediately after typing (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Usability Whether you’re creating text from scratch or using one of the many templates included, Microsoft Word helps you with a variety of tools: spreadsheets, text formatting options, color schemes, support for adding images and clip art, and more. Microsoft Word also includes a spell checker and a powerful tool for checking documents with tagged text and personal notes. However, support for video still exists, Microsoft Word proves to be an excellent tool for word processing from short notes to complex reports with images, graphics, and Word is a popular word processing program because it is easy to use and complete. additional features.

The industry standard word processor Microsoft Word is part of Microsoft Office. This business and productivity software is capable of creating beautiful and attractive documents. It has all the necessary tools for professional document handling. With this application, users can organize their documents for work or professional writing with professional Microsoft Word documents equipped with powerful tools suitable for any writing task. With this word processor, you can turn your ideas into great documents. It has smart technology that ensures you can present your best words. From spelling and grammar corrections to writing style suggestions, this software offers a lot of stops to help you write with confidence. He is also good at writing resumes and reports. The software also allows users to work with other office suite applications without leaving the window. Users can retrieve text and items from PowerPoint, borrow research material, and even information from websites. They stay on track when doing research online. Microsoft Word supports real-time collaboration between users. Sharing documents and even editing or commenting on others requires just one click. Users can configure their language and accessibility settings to help others access documents. For added convenience, users with an Office 365 subscription can view and edit Microsoft Word documents from any device (phone, tablet, PC, or Mac). With an Office 365 subscription, you get 1 TB of cloud storage on OneDrive, which allows users to share and edit files. It also has advanced security features to prevent hacking. Microsoft Word is also available in the browser and has additional features and value, such as free Word templates and simplified Microsoft 365 documents. Microsoft Word is the ideal software for assembling polished documents. It gives users a great tool to promotehave fun and write better. The app also has an advanced collaboration feature that allows users to invite contacts to edit and comment in real time. With these tools at your fingertips, getting started with documents is as easy as this.

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Logitech Webcam Software 64bit Torrent Download

Logitech Webcam Software

Uninterrupted webcam software Logitech webcam software is a free utility for Windows PCs and PCs with Logitech webcams. This Windows webcam software offers a variety of features including motion detection. In short, the program bridges the gap between the Logitech webcam and your computer for an uninterrupted recording experience. The tool is free and supports many different Logitech webcam models. With the application, your computer can easily recognize the webcam and make optimal use of the interface. In addition to acting as a webcam driver, Logitech’s webcam software offers several additional features for your installation and multi -functionality. If you are using the Logitech Webcam for Windows PC, the Logitech Webcam software needs to be downloaded. This allows you to make full use of the potential of your computer camera. Note that the program only supports Logitech USB webcams and many functions for (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Is Logitech webcam software easy to use? Just like the Logitech Vid HD, install Logitech webcam software easily on your PC. The package includes a variety of modules that can be optionally installed. The installation process will not take more than a few seconds. After downloading and installing the file, you can run the application without additional steps. That way, you can start using the webcam right away, when the installation process is added, you need to install the camera. This allows software to detect and install the latest version of drivers automatically. While you can install the driver online manually, you may run into compatibility issues and not have to let the program run in the background while your webcam is running. However, if you choose to enable the application, there are some advanced features you can use. Motion detection, screenshots and other features are available, for example, when applications are included in webcam software, such as Logitech HD webcam software, which comes with an intuitive, efficient and clean user interface. Everything is neatly labeled with large buttons and direct instructions. This makes it easy for you to navigate through many functions. What features does the Logitech webcam software offer? You can easily access the webcam gallery from the main menu. You can also take photos and videos directly from the camera. As mentioned earlier, this app has a motion detection feature. This is especially useful if you want to use a webcam for surveillance. To use this feature, you can plan and adjust motion detection settings to fit the software’s primary purpose, which is to help configure Logitech webcams. This is designed to satisfy an experienced and relaxed user’s recording experience. While the former can focus on adjusting anti -flicker, white balance, brightness, and other details, the latter can manually highlight and magnify images or access images or videos in seconds. You can organize captured items in the gallery. Alternatively, you can watch multimedia content, share it via email, or use social media accounts on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to send files to Logitech Camera Controller for Windows10, the app is highly configurable. You canchange various settings easily according to your wants and needs. In addition to these features, you can start Skype with Logitech webcam software. If you want to immediately connect via video message to visit the gallery of recorded recordings, you can use the two large buttons on the main page. The simple interface of the program makes it easy for you to navigate all things and ensures that you will not encounter problems during normal use. You can even upload content directly to social media from the gallery. Are there any limitations to Logitech webcam software? With a simple and user -friendly interface, the app contains extensive documentation that describes each feature or function individually. But like any program, Logitech’s webcam software has its own limitations. Unfortunately, photo frames or video effects cannot be added. This can be intimidating for experienced users who do not want to use separate software for editing. In addition, the program is not compatible with some older webcams, this application guarantees uninterrupted use and does not require technical knowledge. Whether you have used a webcam before, you can use this app from scratch. Overall, the program has all the standard tools needed to capture video and photos with a webcam. In addition, the social sharing feature allows you to stay active in the various programs you download and install. All you must do is follow the step -by -step guide. This is explained in detail in the tutorial and in the help section. If you install the application properly, you can use it without additional resources or software. If you want, the app can continue to run in the background until you can use advanced functions such as motion detection. With relatively free and fast setup, Logitech webcam software is an excellent ideal choice for Windows PCs. Logitech webcam software will help you make the most of your recording experience. With an intuitive and simple user interface, the program is equipped with a variety of functions. In addition, it supports a variety of Logitech webcam models. Unfortunately, you can’t add video effects or filters to the recording. However, this app allows you to manage recorded media and share files across various social media platforms. Logitech webcam software is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac, and other operating systems.

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IGI 2: Covert Installer Torrent Download

IGI 2: Covert

GI 2: Covert Strike is a first-person shooter designed by Innerloop Studios and published by Codemasters. In IGI 2: Covert Strike, you play as an academic agent David Jones who works at the Geotactical Intelligence Institute to prevent the Second World War from escalating. The game has a total of 19 missions, and players can travel several routes to complete each. Depending on the style of play, IGI 2: Covert Strike can be played on a robbery stage or with a bullet. The game supports single and multiplayer campaigns, so if you just want to enjoy a story or challenge your friends, IGI 2: Covert Strike has one game to do. This prepares you for a tough game. All you have to do is start the game again until you know it. (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The battle will be tough because your enemy is a sniper. You can even crawl through the battlefield and still have a chance to be shot. This makes it even more important to carry out an attack; Use your weapons and hide to lead your FPS opponents. Your offensive strategy takes time; use theft as an advantage to accomplish mission goals – or at least maintain health. The artificial intelligence of IGI 2 deserves it. For example, divide enemy camps into several groups. One picks up the wings in your corner while the other gets the space and view of the bird. Regardless of their position, they become hypersensitive during shooting. You can cut with a gun or continue using the M16A2, and they will find a way to block your shots. But those who fulfill their wishes will feel worse and faster. The negative control of IIGI 2 is behind the facts. Instead, it collapsed badly. Many control functions stop fraud. For example, moving from a position to a theme requires full seconds but no movement. It looked like the camera had fallen to the ground. Developers seem to have missed another important step: crawling. FPS games do not die without crawling as a good strategy. It is also a movement that emanates from real veterans. So it makes your head spin just to think about why it passed. In any case, the controls are easy to follow and respond to. You will find useful and beautiful binoculars. In fact, binoculars not only provide a broad view of the object, but also provide warm visibility. This will be very useful when you find enemies hiding in a hit with missI. 2: The Covert strike lacks continuity. Winning becomes sweet because you have spent a lot of time overcoming obstacles and behaviors in the game. Overall, the game is far behind its creative and precise competitors like Splinter Cell. It solved him, however, in a fighting game.

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WinTools net Professional Classic Premium v21 Razors torrent

WinTools net Professional Classic Premium v21

A set of tools to improve the performance of the MS Windows operating system. cleans the hard drive of unused files that were forgotten when uninstalling programs, and fixes errors, cleans and optimizes the MS Windows system registry. provides the ability to manage application startup, manage services and system processes, optimize Internet connections, change desktops and system settings at the user’s request. Ensure your privacy and keep your personal information safe.

is a set of tools to improve the performance of the MS Windows operating system. removes unwanted software from hard drives and dead addresses from the MS Windows registry. lets you control the Windows startup process, monitor memory, and allow you to customize your desktop and system settings to suit your needs. Add speed and stability to your connection. Ensures your privacy and keeps sensitive information safe. Premium includes tools: Clean Uninstaller, Scan Files, Shortcut Scan, Scan Registry, Startup Manager, Tweak UI, Net Tweaker, Your Privacy, Invisible Man, File Splitter … Note: |

You need administrator privileges to use this program. We recommend that you close all other programs before you start working with it

Clean the uninstaller

It is used to uninstall the software and monitor changes to the hard disk, MS Windows registry, and system files during software installation.

Scan files

is used regularly to clean the hard drive of dead links, unwanted and obsolete files created by various programs. These files and links remain on the hard disk and increase disk usage time.

Scanning shortcuts

It is used to regularly clean the desktop, Start menu, program information, and hard disks of dead shortcuts. These shortcuts remain on your hard drive and extend the life of your device.

He scans the registry

is used regularly to clean the MS Windows registry of unused programs that have not been removed, as well as faulty connections that slow down system speed and load time.

Boot Manager

This tool allows you to monitor, add, delete, activate, and / or deactivate individual startup objects. You can also customize programs that are launched during the operating system boot process.

Customize the interface

It is a collection of other settings related to security, system bandwidth, and user settings that are not included in the basic components of MS Windows.

Tweaker Net

The tool is used to increase data transfer speed and improve connection stability by changing hidden network settings. Available in Premium and Professional versions only.

Your honesty

Here are a number of tools to protect your privacy and confidential information. Available in Premium and Professional versions only.

Invisible Man

This tool is used to store and retrieve personal information later. This is useful if you do not want the system to store any data.

Paper diameter

This tool is used for documents, programs and morefor safe deletion of files without the possibility of recovery.

IE favorites

Small tools for deleting, backing up and quickly restoring your favorites on the Internet. Remove unused or damaged links.

Connecting RAM

This tool is used to monitor, clean, and optimize RAM. It is used to improve operating system performance and free up RAM for use in other processes. If you can, we recommend that you use RAM Saver Pro instead of RAM booster.

Hardware requirements:

Operating system Windows 10/8/7 / VISTA / XP / 2k / 2k3 / 2k8 x86 x64

The minimum screen resolution is 1024×768

CPU: Pentium processor or later

RAM: 128 MB of RAM

Hard disk: Free disk space 5 MB

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Windows 10 AIO x64 pt-BR Office 2019 Janeiro 2021 torrent

Windows 10 AIO x64 pt-BR + Office 2019 Janeiro 2021


Tamanho: GB

Arquitetura: x64

Idioma: PT-PT

BIOS: UEFI / Legacy

formato: ISO / ESD

MD-5: 21326A71CB87AB14BC1872E490ECAF55

Sha: 90E953A3BFE3A5E28D413FF74CF272F2DB1A7185


Win10 Home + Office 2019

Win10 Pro + Office 2019

Win10 em um único idioma doméstico + Office 2019

Win10 Education + Office 2019

Win10 Pro Education + Office 2019

Estação de trabalho Win10 Pro + Office 2019

Win10 Enterprise + Office 2019

  • Windows 10 AIO x64 pt-BR + Office 2019 Janeiro 2021 torrent
  • Windows 10 AIO x64 pt-BR + Office 2019 Janeiro 2021 torrent baixar
  • Windows 10 AIO x64 pt-BR + Office 2019 Janeiro 2021 Torrent

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Videoder free download torrent


An amazing video download tool! Videoder is an amazing tool for downloading music and videos from popular streaming sites. In addition to downloading, this easy-to-use media software allows you to change file types to receive media content in a format of your choice. Unlike 4K Video Downloader and similar programs, Videoder comes with a simple and clean interface. It also has a built-in search engine that allows you to find a title in seconds. With Videoder you can immerse yourself in the world of entertainment on your laptop or download it to your computer without any problems! With the Videoder app for Windows, you can easily create a music library or movie collection. The program was originally released for download from YouTube. Over time, developers have added several popular streaming sites to the list. In fact, Videoder allows you to download content from over 1000 (((review-app-page-desktop ‘) function;}); Some of the more popular include Vimeo and Dailymotion. In addition, Videoder can also be used to download music and videos from various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Videoder, which is easy to use? Compared to VidMate and YTD Video Downloader, Videoder has a simpler interface. After starting the program, a long list of supported websites will be displayed. In fact, you can even see currently popular videos on YouTube. Videoder allows you to select a website or enter a URL in the search bar above the main window. You can also add shortcuts, which saves you a lot of time, as long as you click on the website icon in the main window and head to its page. Because Videoder works as a video search browser, you don’t need to open the default browser on your laptop separately. To download a video, just click on the thumbnail and wait for Videoder Video Downloader to take youto the preview page. After a few seconds you will see a download button on the screen. Once you click on it, the download link will immediately start downloading for you, it is recommended that you choose the format and quality of the video. Once the video has been downloaded, you can use the Downloads tab to track its progress. In this section, you can also view download history, including completed, interrupted, and current downloads. Does Videoder record all downloaded videos on Videoder media faster than other downloaders? Compared to other programs, when you download Videoder, it claims to offer faster download speeds. Although the program is praised for its user-friendly interface, its speed is very important for most people. Download the application Videoder Video Downloader uses multiple network connections to speed up download speeds. What else? This platform allows you to adjust the number of connections according to the quality of the network. This allows you to get the most out of it, the Videoder app is equipped with intelligent tracking tools, which is probably one of the best features of the program. This tool allows the tool to find links to media files on websites. So you can just click on the download button instead of opening the program when you want to download a file. Videoder also has a quick download option that allows you to download videos in the quick download feature, you can download music and videos directly from the list of recommended apps. All you have to do is click on the flash icon at the bottom of the thumbnail. When you’re done, select a resolution and the download will begin in no time. So you don’t have to wait for the download link to appear,but most importantly, Videoder Download comes with an ad blocker and a built-in browser that lets you easily find videos and music. You can even customize the visual appeal of the app by choosing a specific color scheme or using preset settings. Videoder is available in night mode and supports many languages, including English in the US, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Polish, Slovak, Turkish, Thai, Italian and videos and music. Download! Videoder for PC is a great tool for downloading video and music from popular streaming sites. While other programs such as Ummy Video Downloader and ClipGrab are very popular, Videoders’ compatibility with many websites makes it as perfect as the Windows version, installing the Videoder APK includes many features, such as the search feature. Integrated, fast downloads, customization options, etc. Since it is free to use, there is absolutely no reason to give it away. This is without a doubt one of the most effective and easy to use platforms for downloading music and videos online.

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Windows 10 Lite Edition Enterprise x64 21H1 June 2021 Team-LiL download torrent

Windows 10 Lite Edition Enterprise x64 21H1 June 2021 Team-LiL

Windows 10 Lite Edition Enterprise x64 2004 21H1 Next June 2021 Team-LiL

Lil-fella producer (Tim-LiL)

Digital license activation for Windows 10


Clean auto activation of CMD activation script with installation.

if you find that it has not been activated

make sure you are online, not behind a VPN

goto system from control panel and click activate window

and wait for it to activate. You can even click troubleshooting

File authorization information

Choose your language

license terms are automatically approved

automatically set the key, so you don’t need to add it

choose your own place to install windows and set up partition

after installation, normal OOBE is displayed

fill in the information as desired

Added to construction

Microsoft Windows Update

Microsoft Framework –

Main Performance preset power plan


Cortana, telemetry


Shortcut menu – Activate Notepad to open nfo file

Explorer – Disable ads and notifications

Explorer – Disable the list of recently opened programs

Explorer – Disable user tracking

Explorer – Increase icon cache to 4 MB

Explorer – works in a separate process

Modern interface – Apps – Cortana Disable

Modern interface – app – Cortana Disable web search

Modern interface – apps – Onedrive disable integration

Modern UI – Reduce closing speed of modern UI apps

Modern interface – Less drag when you close the screen

Launch menu – Disable recently added apps

Start menu – Disable suggested UI app suggestions

System – Disable bandwidth limitation

System – Enable large system cache

System – Increase disk scan wait time (5 seconds)

System – Increase shutdown speed

System – Improve Windows protective response

System – Reduce desktop startup application startup delay

Taskbar – Increase transparency

Taskbar – Delete Meet Now

Virtual memory / search files – 3000 MB – 4000 MB

Features disabled/disabled

3D builder

3D printing

3D viewer

Modern interface – Bing Finance

Modern UI – Food & drink

Modern interface – health and fitness

Modern interface – Bing News

Modern interface – Bing sport

Modern interface – Bing travel

Modern interface – Weather



Frame (person)

Box (call history)

my people

OOBE (Cortana)

Feedback Center

Office Center

One note

3D color




3D printing

Retail demo


Sticky notes

Solitaire collection

Windows Feedback

Windows Phone

Your phone

Zune Music

Zune Videos


OneDrive files on demand

OneDrive online backup

Remote support

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote desk (ambulance)


Service disabled

Connected user experience and telemetry – disabled

Scope: for activation script

Microsoft WindowsAddict Activation Script

Short URLs –

BESARIMAGE = GB esd package used

MD5 = EB2D8FF776EA90FBCAE87A7444F3F635

SHA-1 = 807DE27359E871E34DF8CF3A2179299C883A47AB

use Rufus to create USB installation media from large images

When creating a bootable USB memory, be sure to select the correct partition model for your system c-drive

MBR = less than 2 TB

GPT = more than 2 TB

visit our Discord channel and give feedback

after installing Windows versionand play games with it

feedback channel

win-10-lite feedback

URL conflict is READ

in torrent files

  • Windows 10 Lite Edition Enterprise x64 21H1 June 2021 Team-LiL torrent
  • Windows 10 Lite Edition Enterprise x64 21H1 June 2021 Team-LiL Download
  • Windows 10 Lite Edition Enterprise x64 21H1 June 2021 Team-LiL Torrent Download

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