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Red Notice 2021

The Red Notice issued by Interpol is a reminder to the world to hunt down and capture the world’s most coveted. But while the daring robbery unites the high -profile FBI and its two rival criminals, no news is coming.

Tom Buckingham, a special forces commander, brought Dr Sophie Hart from London to Paris to be proposed. While their train was deep inside the Channel Tunnel, Grace Lewis and a group of armed criminals took the train and held the passengers hostage. Neema threatened to reveal the British government’s darkest secrets and blow up the Tunnel Channel if her demands were not met. Unarmed and apart from his anti-terror forces, Tom was the only hope Sophie and the other passengers had to have. According to the best -selling novel by former SAS presenter Andy McNab, SAS: RED INFORMATION is an engaging and realistic demonstration of a rescue operation and the unique ideas that Tom needs to survive. Vertical entertainment

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